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  • I am a non-techy person and wants to build an app. How can you help me to build the app?

    Just drop us an email with what you are thinking, and our sales team will help you to expound requirements and flow of the app based on the requirement; which will be followed up during the development of an app.

  • What is the difference between Native App development vs Cross-platform development?

    In native application development, we use default language and IDE for both Android and iOS, i.e. JAVA/Kotlin with Android Studio for Android and Objective C, Swift with Xcode for iOS.

    Cross-platform provides a framework in which coding is done once and can be used to deploy the app in iOS, Android, and Windows phone.

  • What platform should we target to launch the application, Android or iOS?

    With the growing popularity of both iPhone and Android smartphones, we recommend you to launch the application in Android as well as in iOS.

  • Can you provide a ballpark cost for the project?

    Yes, we will provide you with a ballpark estimate as soon as possible; normally after first discussion on call. Having an approximate idea of the expected costs helps you to identify whether the concept is financially feasible or not.

    Ballpark estimates are educated guesses based on our experience, so please consider that the actual final cost may increase or decrease after analyzing your requirements in more detail.

  • Should we support tablet version for Android and the iPad version for iOS?

    Yes, if you have the budget elasticity; you can have a specialized tablet and iPad version of the app.

  • What can be done when new OS releases in both iOS and Android?

    With new OS releases, you should first test the app in updated OS and make a list of the points that are not working. Once done, you should approach our development team for them to come up with a quick solution. Apple & Google do spread solutions for method/function they are deprecating.

  • What is a ballpark cost to create an application?

    Each application has their own features, requirement, and complexity so application development can cost you in a range of 5,000 USD to 500,000 USD or more based on the complexity and scope of work.

  • Do you have in house design team?

    Yes, we have in house design team who are expert with branding, UI & UX designing.

  • How can I track the progress throughout the project?

    We will give you access to project management tool that we use along with Phone number, email and Skype ID to track the progress throughout the project.

  • What would be the preferred payment policy for the project?

    Project payment would be segregated in milestones and on completion of each milestone, that is approving a piece of work we have done; you need to pay for that milestone.


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